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We have a broad business knowledge in the areas of


We support our clients in the range of:

  • System expansion and integration
  • Software development
  • Consultation in the scope of development and optimization of IT solutions

Our solutions

A system dedicated for cooperative banking, improving the customer service process.

  • Documents archive – a module for managing customer records and documents
  • Shareholders’ account – a share management module
  • Contracts – a module supporting creation of contracts for deposit and credit products
  • Prints – a module generating bank prints
  • Integration with the bank book
  • Archive of reference rates
  • Compliance with the GDPR

A platform dedicated for manufacturing companies, implementing business processes from various areas of the enterprise.

  • WMS – a warehouse management module that supports mobile terminals
  • Laboratory – a module for collecting and analysing data from laboratory assessments
  • Documents archive – a module for collecting and managing technological documentation
  • Printouts – a module for generating production and logistic printouts (such as, e.g. pallet cards, labels), barcodes and QR codes generator
  • Data collector – a module for collecting, consolidating and analysing data
  • FSC – a module supporting the FSC flow process

A system used to generate, complete and analyse surveys.

  • Survey Creator – a module for creating surveys
  • Surveys – a module for filling out surveys
  • Reports – a repository of survey reports

System supporting the process of reconciliation of receivables in pre-school institutions.

  • Groups – a module for managing pre-school groups
  • Costs – a definition and cost allocation module
  • Attendance diary – a module to record absences
  • Settlements – a module for billing and settlement of receivables
  • SMS – module for sending SMS information about receivables and others
  • Reports – a repository of accounting reports

Technologies we use